The Original Collection Gift Set

The story of L’Aubalieu

The L’AUBALIEU laboratory was created in Conthey, in the heart of Valais in Switzerland. The project was inspired by the brand’s founders' unconditional love for nature, their admiration for the skin’s natural beauty and their thirst for quality and authenticity. Over the years, they became increasingly aware of the need to develop a range of products that met their own requirements for highly effective, natural cosmetics.

Ground-breaking formulations, developed over several years by one of the founders, a Doctor in Phytochemistry, enabled the creation of skin care of 100% natural origin, manufactured in Switzerland and with a high concentration of plant-based active ingredients.

"A brand of energetic phytocosmetics with progressive action. Luxuriously natural."

A new generation of Swiss Made cosmetics

We are proud that our choices allow us to carry the Swiss Made label.

Swiss made label

Innovation, excellence and authenticity are the key ingredients of Swiss know-how, highly renowned throughout the world. Research and product development take place in Valais. Manufacturing processes are submitted to stringent requirements to achieve an impeccable level of quality.

Our elegant packaging and graphics are designed in the Canton of Vaud. Printing and assembly take place in the Canton of Fribourg.

Packing is carried out by a foundation that provides employment and support for disabled people in the Canton of Valais.

Our values

• Transparency
• Authenticity
• Simplicity
• Sourcing and traceability of ingredients

Our commitments

• Environmental responsibility and sustainable development
• Our products are not tested on animals
• We do not use any chemical preservatives in our products, so we can guarantee that their composition is 100% natural
• Our packaging is assembled using the art of origami to minimise the use of glue. Only FSC certified paper is used
• We always prefer short supply chains

Our symbols

As the symbol of purity, beauty and Zen, the lotus flower perfectly and delicately represents the spirit of L’AUBALIEU. Inspired by the lotus, L’AUBALIEU wrappings progressively reveal their precious plant-based content.

Each cosmetic is delicately placed on a Flower of Life that imbues the ingredients and components of the products with full potential, power and energy.

Like the lotus, symbol of a positive and radiant mindset all day long, our skin care will guide you on a purified path leading to the very essence of things. This unique experience has been created to bring harmony between your inner and outer well-being. Indulge in a ritual that will replenish your skin and rejuvenate your spirit.

A timeless brand

Spanning across time, L’AUBALIEU brings together ancestral knowledge, present-day technologies and an avant-garde philosophy.

Our brand aims to be transgenerational and multicultural, incorporating strong values of tolerance.

A brand of energetic phytocosmetics with progressive action. Luxuriously natural