The Original Eye Care - 15 ml

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The Original Eye Care - 15 ml
The Original Eye Care - 15 ml - open

The Original Eye Care contains an extremely high concentration of active ingredients that combat signs of fatigue. Bursting with ingredients that have powerful decongestant properties, such as red tea, the Original Eye Care is your best ally for eyes that look as though you have enjoyed the best night’s sleep. Its warm-coloured gel texture paradoxically provides a refreshing, toning effect. A real breath of fresh air for your eyes. Its scent evokes cardamom: sweet with notes of pine trees.

Key ingredients

Red tea. Known for its decongestant, antioxidant and tensor effects.

Bergamot. Known for its purifying, soothing and relaxing actions.

Kardamom. Known for its toning effect.

Cedar. Known for its calming properties and ability to reduce signs of fatigue.

Skin type

The Original Eye Care is suitable for all skin types and is particularly well suited to the delicate contours of the eyes.

Recommendations for use

Apply the Eye Care to clean, dry skin, in the morning and evening. Apply delicately under the eye, smoothing it from the outer to the inner corner.

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