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organic ingredients

made in switzerland

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Why choose L'AUBALIEU

• Highlighting the knowledge of plants and the revival of ancestral wisdom

• A range of cosmetics that is 100% natural, including in its formulations

• The brand stands for a new style of three-dimensional well-being: physical well-being, with active ingredients that are 100% natural, energetic well-being, thanks to the synergies that progressively release their benefits, and spiritual well-being with the imprints of plants

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Customer reviews

Lena B

Since I discovered L’Aubalieu three months ago, the original cream has been part of my regular beauty routine. I apply it every morning and the results are amazing! My skin texture has completely changed. My complexion is fresher, smoother and more glowing! I recommend it 100%. I’m so pleased with this wonderful discovery.

The Original Cream


I started to use L’Aubalieu cosmetics around six months ago. I have very sensitive skin, and it has never looked so good. Even my teenage daughters (13 and 17 years old) are very happy with these products (their skin is purified and properly moisturised). I thoroughly recommend L’Aubalieu for all ages.

The Original Collection

Jessica Meyer

With regular use, eyes become lighter and brighter, with no signs of tiredness. The difference is amazing. This eye care is unique and a must for a fresher, lovelier complexion.
Kept in the fridge, it feels even more pleasant and is even more effective. The gel has a unique fresh texture and penetrates rapidly. It’s perfect.

The Original Eye Care

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